"Parkway Lawns Park" located at the end of Higbie lane is a small plot of land that is operated by the Town of Islip Parks Department that still to this day remains an active part of the West Islip community. But the question is always asked..."How did Parkway Lawns Park, ever get the name 'The Bar-X'?". Well, some people thought that cause it was underage teenage drinking that lead to the name, some people thought it was a meat packing plant, but the truth...it was a horse riding stable, more known as a "dude ranch" called "The Bar-x". The Bar-X extended all the way down to Doncaster Avenue. Remember, horse riding was a passion on Long Island. Still to this day their are stables all over Long Island.The Bar-X in recent years has undergone some renovations from the Town of Islip. Presently a new playground exists. The usage of the Bar-X is used by all ages from the youngster trying to catch his first fish, teenagers playing sports on the soccer field,and lastly senior citizens enjoying their days of retirement while doing a little fishing. If anyone has any pictures or information of the Bar-X that I have not been able to find out please email me at westislip@aol.com Thank you.

A picture of what the Bar-X looks like today.