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The names listed at the West Islip Memorial Park are Fredric J Chapey, who the flag on the island is dedicated too. Joseph Lite, who has a memorial. Joseph Annino, who also has a memorial dedicated in his honor. Finally, Joseph F Miller Jr, who has a war memorial dedicated to him. So who are these people....Let's start with Mr. Chapey.

The Chapey family has always been very active in the West Islip community. We all know of Chapey Funeral homes but did you know that both Fredrick Chapey (who is now deceased) and his son Doug Chapey, both have held presidency at the West Islip Chamber of Commerce? I have had the honor of working at Chapey Funeral Home and I can honestly say that the Chapey family is the most personal and professional group of individuals I ever met. Doug, gave me a job out of high school and because of that I am forever grateful. Not many people give a kid out of high school a chance at working in a professional environment while they are going to college. Though I only worked their for about a year, I learned more in that time about dignity and respect then probably at any point in my life in the ten years since I worked their.

Joseph Annino was a founding civil leader in West Islip. He was the charter president of the West Islip Lions Club.

Joseph Lite was an attorny who was well involved in the West Islip community. Still to this day his son carries on his father's legacy of being supportive in the community. A perfect example is when the high school has "Shadow Day". That is when students follow someone who is working in a career that the student is interested in going to college to pursue. Mr. Lite always has a group that follows him cause well...who doesn't want to be a lawyer when their a kid.

Finally, we come to the one war memorial at the memorial park. That is of Joesph F Miller Jr, Born August 1st 1947. He was reported missing on the nuclear submarine USS Scorpion 589. That event occurred June 5th, 1968.